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Audio Mix Club activities include:

- Monthly Featured Mix. Club members get the multitracks for great songs to mix. 

- Monthly Skills Training. Members are challenged to complete skill-building mixing exercises. 

- Monthly Club Member Spotlight. We proudly highlight members of the club. 

- Periodic Mixing Competitions. Club members compete for prizes.

- Periodic Mix Auditions. Club Members audition their mixing skills to get hired for a project. 

- AMC Exclusive Mixing Tutorials. Learn to mix from the ground up.

- And more

Most importantly, club members have a great community of like-minded people that share a passion for audio production and mixing. Members can share their mixes for feedback, helping each other grow their skills much faster than going at it alone. Or, you can just use the multitracks for practicing privately. 

AMC members will be mixing a verity of music styles over time including Pop, Country, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk, EMD and More.

In April 2020  club members will have access to two songs to mix.  Join now and you will have access to three songs to mix in April, including our March tracks.  Our March tracks will be available now through May. 


Join in on the fun skill-building activities at Audio Mix Club today!  

What members are saying


Audio Mix Club is already the most supportive and interactive forum I’ve ever joined (I’ve joined them ALL). If you’re a budding mixer this place will change your audio world!”  -Passmomo

"I wish Audio Mix Club had been around 5 years ago, I wouldn't have wasted so much time on other forums trying to figure things out." - Miked

"After one month in, the AMC has already been a big boost to my mixing skills. First and foremost there is such a great community of mixers and musicians hanging out here and helping each other out. Its a huge deal to be able to get feedback, tips, and encouragement from fellow audio engineering enthusiasts. It's exciting to belong to this new and growing club." -Ctop

"As a musician and a struggling audio engineer, finding a "community" with knowledge, support and camaraderie was pretty difficult. In the past eight years, I have joined a few online audio engineering groups but none hold a candle to Audio Mix Club. Just within the past month, I have learned new mixing/mastering techniques that have helped transform my mixes to a whole new level." -Blakenstein

"I feel like I am already addicted! I find myself checking it on my breaks and both before and after work...Just to see what everyone is posting and talking about. "  -Jsced

"Being a beginner, I found AMC to be a very friendly community. I have received a lot of feedback and advice that has improve my mixing skills. I'm having a lot of fun interacting with fellows mixers and I am very happy to be part of AMC."  -Wmac

"For someone like me who mostly makes music on their own, being part of a community like AMC is invaluable. You’ll get great advice, honest feedback and, perhaps most importantly, the chance to make friends with some really, really cool and supportive people who all want one thing – to learn from each other."  -Julianyon



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Lock in your membership at the introductory price of just $10/month or $99/year. No contracts, cancel anytime. Join in on the fun skill-building activities at Audio Mix Club today! 

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